Brooks Labradors

True Retrievers with a Classic Build

Brooks Labradors LLC

Brooks Labradors LLC professionally breeds and trains Labrador retrievers in the Dallas, Texas area.

Our breeding program is known throughout the United States (and beyond) for well-balanced Service Dogs & companion dogs with exceptional temperaments. 

Our dogs are “True Retrievers with a Classic Build.” We produce genetically sound, highly trainable Labrador Retrievers with a classic build and exceptional temperament.

Our puppies are sought as therapy dogs, detection dogs, skilled companions, personal gundogs and all around good looking Labrador Retrievers with competitive potential.

Our puppies are sought by Service Dog schools wanting to upgrade the genetics of their own breeding programs, and we provide stud service (collect and ship semen) to Service Dog schools across the country.

Brooks Dog Training Services offers professional dog training for pets of all breeds, ages and sizes in the local Dallas area.