Does YOUR dog need some manners?  WE CAN HELP!

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Brooks Dog Training Services  is Bonded & Insured, and offers dog obedience training services in the greater Dallas, Allen and McKinney, Texas area.  We also offer Service Dog training or remediation to clients across the country. We’ll train dogs of any breed, age or size. 

Brooks Dog Training Services offers these services:

Day-Training (a great option for the busy dog owner that wants results FAST) Click HERE for more Info

- Obedience Board & Train Programs

- Hourly Lessons

- Service Dog Training

- AKC Canine Good Citizen and STAR Puppy Certification Classes

Brooks Dog Training Services offers its Board & Train services, as well as Day Training services at ACE Pet Resort, at 861 E. Main Street, Allen, Texas 75002.




Day Training: The Five-Day Program is $595, which includes five days of training, and five one-on-one lessons. This is a great value because typically this type of obedience would take 6-7 weeks and cost $700-800 if done through private lessons.  Visit the Day Training Page to learn how it works and why this is such a great value.

Our 2-Week Obedience Board & Train Program is $1,100 (boarding at ACE Pet Resort).

Obedience Board & Train daily rate is $80/day (boarding at ACE Pet Resort).  

Our 3-Week Obedience Board & Train Program is $1,470 (boarding at ACE Pet Resort).  

One-on-one training is $60/hour.

Specialized Board & Train  program for Service Dogs.  As service dog trainers ourselves, Brooks Labradors Service Dogs (BLSD) can remediate (troubleshoot or “salvage”) your service dog,  to help your dog serve you better.   Specialized Board & Train rate is $100/day (boarding at ACE Pet Resort).



Two Week Basic Obedience Board & Train Program for puppies and dogs.  
We build on whatever obedience foundation your dog has received, teaching/reinforcing Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, Place, Come (recalls), appropriate greeting behavior and walking on a loose leash.  We particularly work on impulse control, which builds character into the dog that significantly enhances every part of his behavior.   Our Two Week Basic Obedience Board & Train program for puppies and dogs is $1,100.  This price includes boarding (payable to ACE Pet Resort)  and training (payable to Brooks Dog Training Services).

Three Week Obedience Board & Train Program.  We reinforce and solidify the obedience foundation your dog has received in the first two weeks.  Additional practice and added distractions will help build your dog’s confidence and impulse control.  In the first two weeks, we teach the basics… A third week helps to make it stick.  Our trainers highly recommend the third week whenever possible, due to the significant success rate of the dogs that have completed this program.  Our Three Week Basic Obedience Board & Train program for puppies and dogs is $1,470.  This price includes boarding (payable to ACE Pet Resort)  and training (payable to Brooks Dog Training Services).

BOTH the Two-Week and the Three-Week Programs include training for the dog’s owner when the dog is picked up…  You will need to commit to spending at least one hour with us at pickup time to learn how to properly handle your dog the way we’ve trained him, and continue to build on the foundation of good behavior that we’ve laid. 

A peaceful relationship between an owner and his pet is a process that takes ongoing reinforcement and consistency.  In our training program we lay the groundwork and the rules to set you and your pet up for a wonderful life together.

Call (214) 506-8140 or Contact Us Here to schedule training for your dog or puppy.


Note: For us to make tangible progress while boarding and training, we ask you to commit to leave him completely in our care during the training process… Visiting your dog in the middle of the training protocol will redirect his attentiveness away from his trainer, and he will lose ground.

Your dog will have structured play time, and will enjoy air conditioning during the heat of the day, and heat during the cold nights.

Call us at (214) 506-8140 or Contact Us Here to schedule your training session or Board & Train dates.