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Good vs Evil, Ignorance and Arrogance

BrentBrooks, 5th Aug 2016

I have had the privilege to meet and help a number of very special clients. It’s been rewarding having the opportunity to help good people.

Sadly, not every potential client was a viable candidate for a service dog. In fact, my experience training these dogs over the last few years has left me heartbroken and perhaps a bit cynical.

There are No Shortcuts to Training a Service Dog

BrentBrooks, 14th Jul 2014

Dallas’ NBC5 Investigative Team shows why…

Breeding for a Cause

BrentBrooks, 29th Aug 2013

A few of our puppies will grow up to be Service Dogs. Others will become wonderful family dogs, or perhaps personal gundogs. Sitting here, from the unique vantage point of a breeder/trainer, I can fully appreciate the trainability of selectively bred dogsā€¦ Dogs that are eager to please, intelligent, intensely loyal, with a strong work ethic.

Fight Fleas Naturally

labAdmin, 5th Mar 2013

Fight Fleas Naturally By Debby Kay (reposted with permission of author) March 2007 All rights reserved In the battle against […]

Puppy Bite Inhibition (or, “How to deal with a Puppy that Nips”)

BrentBrooks, 28th Feb 2013

Avoid rough play. Have plenty of toys available. Be careful of body language. Be consistent with any correction. Make sure the puppy has a good outlet for all his energy.

Giving Thanks

BrentBrooks, 22nd Nov 2012

I am thankful for a day when we can be deliberate about giving thanks. We should be this thankful every day.
This afternoon we will gather around the table and count our blessings, giving thanks to our creator for His generous provision, His mercy and His grace. THEN WE WILL EAT!


BrentBrooks, 25th May 2012

Let’s make a point of honoring the heroes (human and canine) that have made an impact on our lives. Their loyalty and wholeheartedness serves as an example, and their memory lives in our hearts.

The 2012 Diabetic Alert Dog Training Conference

BrentBrooks, 15th May 2012

Collectively we have the opportunity to significantly enhance the safety and quality of life of diabetics and their families. It’s a great job for great dogs, and I left the conference feeling like we’re now networked with other ethical trainers who share our heart to make a difference.

Why Health Testing is Important

BrentBrooks, 12th Apr 2012

A genetically sound puppy will cost more on the front end, but it will cost far less than a lifetime of veterinary care, and will spare both the dog and his owner a lot of pain.

A Puppy Training Myth

BrentBrooks, 1st Apr 2012

Positive-based training methods along with fair, consistent training rules can and should be started as soon as you bring a puppy home. In fact, puppies have the capacity to start learning all sorts of things as young as 3 weeks old

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