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  • Building a Better Diabetic Alert Dog

    Over the last two years, a number of breeders and trainers have teamed up to meet the demand for Diabetic Alert Dogs.  These dogs are trained to detect when a diabetic’s blood sugar is out of range (high or low), and to alert either the diabetic or another person nearby (like a parent, for instance).

    The popularity of Diabetic Alert Dogs (or “DADs”) is understandable, since Type 1 diabetics have to frequently monitor their blood sugar level, impacting their ability to enjoy the lifestyle most people take for granted.  Parents of diabetic children are eager to add another set of eyes, ears and “noses” to their diabetes management team.  DADs add another component to diabetes management, but do not replace the need for routine monitoring of blood sugar levels.

    I recently spoke at length with a couple who has searched extensively for a Diabetic Alert Dog for their diabetic children.  Having listened to the story of their search, I came to recognize that parents of diabetic children feel that having a committed and personal relationship with the trainer of their child’s Diabetic Alert Dog is non-negotiable.   On that basis alone, it is obvious that these dogs should not be stamped out in a cookie-cutter approach. 

    I believe the best way to advance the field of Diabetic Alert Dog training is to be deliberate about our protocol development, and methodical in our approach.

    As we embark on the Diabetic Alert Dog adventure, we are committed to doing so on a small and manageable scale that puts a premium on personal support of our customers.

    Brent Brooks, M.S
    Brooks Labradors LLC

    If you are interested in being screened as a candidate for a Brooks Labradors Diabetic Alert Dog, fill out our “DAD” QUESTIONNAIRE here.   We’ll follow up with you within 48 hours.  If you have questions about our program, call (214) 506-8140.