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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    This is a time of year for family to gather and enjoy a day of rest from all our labor (after all the chores are done, and all the animals are fed).

    At our house, where we have a family of eight (without visitors), the house gets even fuller!

    April and our three oldest daughters cook and bake enough to feed a small army (which of course, we ARE), while us “men” practice the manly arts of target practice with the bow & arrow, flying kites, fishing or just taking our canoe out on the (very cold) lake.

    This afternoon we will gather around the table and count our blessings, giving thanks to our creator for His generous provision, His mercy and His grace.  THEN WE WILL EAT!

    There’s something about breaking bread together with family and friends…  It’s hard to enjoy your meal if  you’re sitting across the table from someone you’re not at peace with.

    Today (and every day) is a good day to make peace with each other (before the meal).

    But more than that, eating together somehow makes us all feel closer.  The celebratory nature of the day, coupled with good food and wine is an experience we share.  

    I am thankful for a day when we can be deliberate about giving thanks.  We should be this thankful every day.  If we can pursue a lifestyle centered on our blessings, I believe it will reduce our daily stress and even improve our overall health…

    As the Scriptures say, “A tranquil mind brings health to the whole body!”

    Happy Thanksgiving from all the (2 and 4-legged) Brooks Labradors Family!

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