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True Retrievers with a Classic Build

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  • Our Ideal Labrador Retriever

    What do you see in your mind’s eye as the “Ideal Labrador Retriever?”

    For some, their focus is finding Lab whose conformation best exemplifies the Breed Standard.

    Others search for a personal or competitive gundog to complement their outdoor lifestyle and be their hunting companion.

    A lot of people primarily want a loyal and loving companion dog.

    Still others look for a working dog, service dog or detector dog.

    Most experienced Lab owners especially value sound genetics as the foundation of a breeding program.’

    So what’s our “Ideal Labrador Retriever?”

    We want it ALL, rolled into one balanced, well-rounded retriever, not sacrificing the spectrum of traits for the sake of one.

    Our ideal Labrador is a “True Retriever with a Classic Build…  A substantial, sturdy dog that has “presence,” but retains his athleticism. 

    Naturally, we want a Labrador whose conformation “takes your breath away.”  But just like with humans, great looks are wasted in a dog that lacks character.

    We value loyal dogs… the kind of dog that will stay beside you in trouble, no matter what.   We want a Lab with a solid work ethiceager to please and able to focus.

    We want a confident and composed Labrador…   An attentive Lab that “matches your mood.”  A dog that is ready to play when you’re ready to play, ready to work when it’s time to work, and a dog that will fall asleep at your feet when you’re ready to relax.

    We want retrievers that come with a “full set of tools in the toolbox,” with all the natural marking ability you would expect in a Labrador retriever.

    Genetically, we want a Labrador that has the deck stacked in his favor.  We want to minimize the risk of major congenital health issues.    We want to afford ourselves the full benefit of a proven breeding program.

    And that’s what we produce!  With the help of seasoned mentors, we have built a bloodline that consistently produces our ideal Labrador retriever.  If your ideal is in line with our ideal, keep your eye on Brooks Labradors.