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  • Stacking the Deck in our Favor

    Life involves risks.  Every successful venture requires us to “manage those risks.”

    All of us make decisions every day.  In breeding (as in life), there are consequences to every decision we make.  Good consequences naturally follow good decisions; bad consequences are the natural result of bad decisions.

    Wisdom involves accumulation of lessons learned from good and bad decisions alike…  And it’s not enough to just know the right thing to do…  The proof of wisdom is in the ACTIONS it produces.

    We admire folks who learn from the mistakes of others, never repeat their own mistakes, and keep doing right things.

    As breeders, our family is committed to applying what we’ve learned along the way to enhance the quality of our program.  So there are a few areas we have made decisions that have really paid off.

    Of course, being proactive about canine healthcare is fundamental.  But that STARTS with solid genetics.  Armed with data from the seven health clearances we require for our breeding program, we’re able to make intelligent decisions that will impact our lines for generations.

    We’re acutely aware that our dogs are an investment in families.  So we do our due diligence to “stack the deck” in our favor genetically.

    It’s what we do.