Brooks Labradors

True Retrievers with a Classic Build


Sean and I (and our boys) could not be happier with our Rigby…(Rocky and Chamois litter).  

This is a picture from back in March . He is SUCH a good dog and absolutely the most handsome lab we’ve ever seen!  We are stopped all the time in our neighborhood asking where we got him when on walks.

His favorite though is when we go to the Lakehouse..  You really see him in action there. He minds so well and the boys enjoy working on his training with him. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him. 

Dana & Sean McMahon


“Phoebi has been a super puppy.  Genetics DO count!  She has a good retrieval instinct, and sits, comes, and follows easily.  She reminds me of my Sandylands, Beechcroft, Ballyduff, and Mandigo puppy in 1990.  You are as everyone I spoke to attested:  A high quality breeder.”  – Dan Cooke

Dr. Lisa Stickney DVM:  

In July of 2011, we lost our beloved black lab, Scout, to cancer, and we waited several months before we felt ready to start our search for a new puppy. Because this would be a family member for (hopefully) the next fifteen years, I wanted to make sure we chose a good breeder who was in the business for the right reasons, the love and advancement of the breed. I feel very fortunate to have found Brent at Brooks Labradors. The whole process was transparent. Brent said what he meant and did what he said, which I appreciated. I even got a phone call while the puppies were whelping.

We brought our yellow lab puppy, Cade, home after Christmas, and he has been a joyous addition to our family. Not only is he a handsome dog, he is smart, even-tempered, and highly companionable. As a practicing veterinarian for the last 22 years, I sometimes feel like I have seen it all; the “good, the bad and the ugly.” Brooks Labradors are tops. I would recommend them to anyone.

Lisa Stickney, DVM
Roanoke Animal Hospital

Debby KayAuthor of the Labrador Breeders Handbook:

 “When it comes to integrity, professionalism and top notch Labradors Brent Brooks and the Brooks Labradors are in a class by themselves. Their program is based on solid principles of health, genetics and behavior management producing Labradors of the classic type that would be a welcome addition in any situation. I highly recommend Brooks Labradors to anyone seeking the best.”

Dr. Josie Coverdale, Assistant Professor, Department of Animal Science, Texas A&M University:

A little over a year ago I purchased a yellow Labrador Retriever from Brooks Labradors.  Throughout the process of puppy selection and purchase I was impressed with Brent’s timely communication and attention to detail.  While it very clear that Brent takes his business seriously, there was never any doubt that this is a family business operated by people that care deeply about their dogs and are committed to raising high quality puppies.  Due to my background, I was very concerned with the health, genetics, and nutrition of the puppy we would be purchasing.  Brooks Labradors was first rate and alleviated all my concerns.  I could not be happier with Clara and look forward to spending many years with her as a part of our family.

John MurphyVice President-Law at Pizza Hut:

“Brent and his family breed beautiful and intelligent labs. We could not be more happy with our 7 month old pup, Remington. If you want a quality, healthy, beautiful Lab, you should definitely talk with Brent.”


Bettina Simon
Attorney at Law
Orange County California

“I have been the fortunate owner of one of Brent’s excellently bred labrador retrievers and I can think of no other Breeder who pays such careful attention to breeding for temperament and intelligence. Brent’s standards are high and his integrity in breeding these fine dogs is unquestioned. Brent is an expert in this area and has bred and raised some truly beautiful dogs. You can count on his dogs to be true to breed standards Labradors. In fact, his dogs have been featured prominently in magazines and commercials. Brooks Labradors’ puppies are raised by his family and this early socialization has a genuine effect on the puppies’ personalities and socialization with people and with other dogs. There is no question that my next lab will come from Brooks Labradors. I recommend Brent and Brooks Labradors to you without hesitation.

Paul GrayPublisher at Business Directories of Texas

“I purchase Bella our Yellow Labrador Retriever on Sept 11th 2011. I have had more compliments on her looks in 2 months than any other lab I have ever owned, and I have had several. We are getting her ready to be trained to show & feel she will be able to finish in no time at all.  She is also very smart with a perfect temperment. I highly recommend Brooks Labradors if you are looking for Quality!!”

David WillsonAssistant Controller at NorthPark Management

“I purchased my dog, Scout, from Brent 3 years ago. I was really impressed with how well integrated my puppy was to my family as soon as he arrived. I was able to go pick my puppy up and see the conditions in which he was raised… Brent had all these puppies in his home as though they are part of his family. These are great dogs… good looking and well behaved (with the right training of course).”

Kris KenyonCEO at My Support Pad

“I met Brent while looking for a Yellow Lab puppy. As a dog owner I have had several Labs with hip problems in the past and wanted to find a good breeder to sidestep that problem. Brent went out if his way to help me get into the then current litter and kept me abreast along all of the stages of the pregnancy. When I got my puppy I was thinking that the health issue made finding a good breeder worthwhile, but I discovered so much more. The effort Brent put into the pups made mine a snap to housebreak and laid the foundation for easy training from there on out. I have had many dogs in my lifetime and I can say without a doubt when it comes time to add another Lab to my mix I will reach out to Brent. His work shows though everyday with my best friend (yep a dog truly is man’s best friend).”

John Bradley Mitchell, President & Managing Director, Energia Tejas LLC

“I purchased a one of Brent Brooks’ Labradors. Of the six dogs I’ve had, Brent’s is the best behaved pet I have every owned. Next time I am looking for a labrador, I will call Brent.

Melissa Jiles, Disney Vacation Planner at Crazy About the Mouse

“We purchased our amazing Labrador Riley from Brooks Labradors. We could not be happier! Riley is a well bred dog with no health related issues. As you will see when you visit Brook’s Labradors, Brent has a heart for these dogs. He does an amazing job at breeding the most high quality dogs for home, show or hunting. I will never go anywhere else. You won’t be disappointed.”

Charles Cuttito, Operations Manager at BCM Construction Management

“Brent does his breeding well and I feel anyone receiving a lab from him will not be disappointed. His breeding stock has impressive lineage as well. I enjoyed coming to know Brent and he always has time to receive my calls. I called him and he spoke with us, answering all our questions with patience and completely convinced us that he was a dedicated lab breeder. He listened to our requirements of the type of lab we were seeking. And guided us to which breeding parents of his would fulfill our desires. He then took the time to consider his breeding schedule and our plan was set.The price is an investment in a healthy animal…money well spent! Our Vet also confirmed what we already knew about our Sasha. She was a solid and very healthy lab! She house trained in 4 days, learned to sit, lay down, stay, speak loud and soft, give paws, and retrieve specific toys by 3 1/2 months. And she is super affectionate and beautiful! Everyone meeting her for the first time is taken by her beauty and demeanor. I have conveyed my honest feelings and highly recommend you consider Brooks Labradors for your purchase. You will be happy with that choice I am sure. Bud & Jean Cuttito”

David Schlimme, Senior Vice President, Raymond Construction

“I’ve known Brent for nearly 28 years in a number of different relationships. In every dealing with Brent, he has always gone above expectations. Brent’s integrity is without question; he’s a man of his word. In every endeavor I’ve observed Brent, you can trust him to produce and outstanding product and then stand behind it. He strives to produce quality. As a happy owner of one of Brook’s Labradors dogs for over 6 years I can highly recommend them.”

Annie Fairchild,  CPA, AFairchild PC

“Upon accepting Brooks Labradors as a client for our firm, I did an on-site visit of their facilities. Brent gave a tour and explained how they take care of their dogs and prepare them for families. I was extremely impressed with the amount of care and knowledge that goes into each dog, the nutritional diet designed for the dogs individually, the 24 hour watch of the newborn pups, and on and on. Brent and his family have done the research and the study necessary to carry on a top-notch program that produces dogs of the utmost quality. I would definitely recommend Brooks Labradors for anyone looking to purchase a dog for work or family.” November 18, 2011


Jaye LaskoPractitioner, Somatic Repatterning

“A year ago we bought a yellow labrador retriever from Brent Brooks at Brooks Labradors. We chose Brent as a breeder because he had the best looking dogs I had seen. I spoke with him several times and we corresponded via email. Brent was very responsive and helpful in our decision to go forward with getting our lab. We have been unbelievably impressed with our puppy. He is now a year old and is by far the smartest, loyalist, gentlest, most well bred dog we have ever owned. He was a breeze to train and is the best companion any of us ever imagined. My whole family thinks that Brooks Labs breeds the best dogs…bar none.”  

Dr. Micaela HickenDoctor/Screenwriter, A Little Texas Entertainment Co

“Brent is the best at what he does. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for the highest quality breeder in Texas.”