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  • The New Hope a Litter Brings

    Around our house, we experience the cycle of life on a routine basis.  When we have a new litter of puppies, it impacts the whole family.  The furniture gets reconfigured to accommodate the whelping box.  My daughters, who by now are “experts in canine midwifery,” prepare the area and gather supplies.  Then they settle down into routine watch rotation.

    Once the puppies are born, there’s a lot more to be done.  Of course, the “midwife” focuses on making sure every puppy gets that first colostrum, and that the mother drinks and eats.  At some point, once things have calmed down, the “cleanup crew” starts their job.  The whelping pad needs changed, and “everybody” needs a chance to get cleaned up.

    Our family keeps a 24/7 watch on the puppies for the first week, to monitor the health and progress of mom and pups.  Taking one of these 4 hour turns is very rewarding for me.  There’s something about NEW LIFE that encourages me to refocus on “fresh starts,” and all the things we have to be thankful for.  Of course, the pups’ eyes aren’t open yet, but they seem so content near their mom.

    I watch and I wonder…  Which puppy will become the next great gundog.  I wonder which one will go on to be a Diabetic Alert Dog.  Knowing that one of these was purchased by a veterinarian, I wonder if he’ll hang out at the vet’s office, or just be waiting when she gets home.  All of these will go on to be somebody’s best friend.

    It’s all very satisfying, and it brings fresh hope and renewed perspective on LIFE.  If you’d like to take a turn, click on the Puppy Cam box to the right of this page.  See what I see…   Watch what I’m watching…  And breathe HOPE.